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2011 September 22

Welcome back everyone after our very long holiday, so much news to tell you all not sure where to begin……so here goes.

Great response to 3 in a bed quite unbelievable the power of television.  We are now about to have our 3rd re-run of our original programme that went out in May this year.  My dear friend Nina Basset the owner of Terra Vina said she has seen another advert for the show, so if you did miss it look out again as it will be running in the next few weeks.

Having had a busy summer and lots of gorgeous people to stay I did manage to pop off and have a few little mini breaks myself.  The first to Dartmouth which I have never been to and thought was stunning, the second to my favourite place Gozo and the third little jaunt to Brecon in Wales.

What has come to light for me is that our lovely Lymington really does need a jolly good push to promote and encourage people to visit the New Forest as it has so much to offer particularly for the city deweller of London, we are only and hour and a half from the city and therefore ideal for mini breaks.

This weekend in the Sunday Times was an article about B and B’s being cool and trendy, in the travel section. Surprise surprise, Lymington was NOT featured!  Everywhere else has been.  I will be asking the journos if they wish to come and experience our exceptional and very unique bed and breakfast, Leyland in Lymington as soon as possible so we can reach out to other clients who have not had the pleasure of our company.

What struck me about Dartmouth and the Brecons, in Wales, is that they have really made the most of their areas therefore ensuring they continue to keep the rural towns with employment by using all of their resources.  The local shops are thriving, the hotels, bed and breakfast, camp sites and youth hostels are full to the brim with walkers, cyclists, sailing  and canoeing enthusiasts.  They have beautiful shops, restaurants and cafes that are working around the clock to keep everyone fed and watered.  They are too very different places, however they are making the most of what their areas have to offer.

Now here in Lymington are we doing that……?  I feel there is so much more we could be doing to promote and sustain our community.  We must look at Dartmouth and the Brecons and use some of their ideas to transfer to lymington to make us the first destination people think of when considering a mini break.  We need to ask the pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes to sponsor walks and cycle rides around the Forest so that it is visitors can see clearly what path to follow and where it leads too.  Ending up for drinks, lunch or supper at the many place to consume local food and culinary delights of the New Forest!

We are not making the most of your National park and Forest!  We could have the ‘Red Lion Walk’ covering Pilley in Boldre or the ‘The Oak’ at Bank cycle ride.  If we had a system that was uniformed for the walks and the cycle tracks we could really promote the Forest as walker friendly and cycle friendly.  I am very keen to get the NPA, The Planners, NFTA(New Forest Tourism Association) , NFDC(New Forest District Council), the Parish Councillors, Restaurants, Hotels, Bed and breakfast, Cafes, campsites and youth hostels together so we can implement a plan to make the very best of our Forest and bring in more visitors to sustain our community, keep our jobs local and not to become another ‘ghost town’ like too many rural towns will be facing in the future.

Any ideas please contact me on all will be gladly received.  Remember ‘WORK TOGETHER, STAY TOGETHER IN THE NEW FOREST’ Follow me on Twitter and Facebook too!

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