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Leyland Country House Hotel’s take on the recession and children!

2011 October 5

Well, well, well what a week! Some much to tell you not sure where to begin!

How lucky are we, 3 in a bed has repeated and yet again I have had many emails of support and general encouragement.  Thank you everyone for that it means a lot to me.

One subject that I have not touched on is the delight and tribulations of ‘teenagers’. Oh yes those wonderful species that one friend of mine described as…..’one minute they were your little darling, butter would not melt…then you find out of the blue that they have turned in to a werewolf!’

Having three of my own, I so could relate to that! I love them but at the same time it is always the little things that upset the parents….like the cereal dish in the sitting room, the dirty socks by the back door, the Haribo wrappers on the carpet, the mouldy cup of tea in the bedroom and let’s not forget the two week old meal deal remains in the back of the car stuffed down the back of the seat.  Oh yes and of course when you enquire who it might belong to a chorus of ‘it’s not mine!’ so who does it below to….God?  Oh I forgot he popped in for a quick snack on his way to hell and back!  No doubt you have been told the reason you are upset is that your job stresses you out and you have issues such a OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) relating to cleaning, nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that you have SLAVE stamped on your forehead!  One of my daughters said…’all teenagers try and do the least amount possible, come on mum that’s standard!’

If you have teenagers how do you make them see the error of their ways to clear up and take respect of their homes and general surroundings?  God I try! I am told I have too high standards and that I need to take a chill pill! If I knew what they looked like I would take the whole bottle!

I was brought up in a time when happiness was not centred on what you owned to make you feel good about yourself.  If you lived in a small house, a council home or a detached home or mansion we all mixed together and were happy with our lot.  All our shoes came from Clarkes and the uniform the same for all and sundry, standard big blue cotton ‘granny’ knickers, no thongs or lace numbers!  If your father got a new company car everyone came out to the street to look at it, touch it, feel it and sit in it! On occasions you would give them a ride around the block in it.  You had high expectations of yourself but I was always taught that you had to look after and help the less well off and weaker than you. To this day I would give the shirt off my back and any other material item someone may need more than me as to me I value first and foremost my family and my friends.

Since my divorce, I have only ever had a clapped out Rover worth £50 quid and of course many, many times I have been judged on that car and why I actually drive around in such a heap!  Especially when I have been dressed up and raring to go looking, in my mind a million dollars!  The looks I have had are priceless! Do we all need material items to make ourselves feel good and look good?  Insecurity is a 21st century issue created out of a time when our teenagers coming up feel they are owed Mini Coupe cars and 4 wheel drives and £300 prom dresses.

This recession has been good for Britain and it’s up and coming generations. Some of the best designers and most creative designs have come from people who have had to do things on a shoestring.  Look around the shops at the moment, the quality of the design and use of imagination is second to none.  Why may you ask…..I am a great believer of ‘deprivation breeds motivation’, needs must and if you want customers to buy you need to think out of the box.

Next week I would like to talk about the internet and how it has changed our lives…… till next week, thanks for reading,

Love Liese


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