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The great TripAdvisor debate – part one

2011 October 12

The great return of the TripAdvisor debate!

Welcome back everyone to this week’s blog. Originally, I wished to speak about the internet and the effect it has had on our society.  Last week’s blog about teenagers, was meant to be about TripAdvisor, however like all of us I wrote an amazing article (of course!) and guess what? I forgot to save it, my computer switched itself off, gorgeous article lost forever! We have all been there I am sure.  Never mind onwards and upwards.  Having just read Nina Basset Blog about TripAdvisor I feel compelled to not only to back her up but try and ingratiate the public to see both sides of the debate.

TripAdvisor was only ever set up to assist back packers across undiscovered parts of the world, it was never intended for what it is now being used for.  I am all for review sites, they keep up standards, give a personal insight and allow the freedom of speech.  It also gives us a very interesting view of how the British public wish to complain.  Instead of being up front and discussing the imperfections at check out with the owners and managers they feel they have to resort to TripAdvisor to have anything done about it. This is not the case.

I don’t wish to speak out of turn, but any one of the top performing hotels and bed and breakfasts will support me, all issues are dealt with and in most cases can be resolved very quickly with a little bit of communication.  Due to the development of the internet and electronic age we are desperately depending on this virtual life to discuss basic matters that in the old days would have been sorted out in moments.  The Americans, the Germans, the Dutch, the Parisians, the Italians, the Russians, the Japanese, the Chinese and the Spanish in my experience have no trouble whatsoever telling you what they would like.  If they are not happy they say, giving us an opportunity to adapt to their needs and requirements. We want you to have the best time with us, it is our job to help you have a relaxing, enjoyable, exciting trip and experience what is on offer in our area so hopefully you return again.  I certainly do not wish to spend valuable time being taken away from my clients and business to sort out playground issues that so easily could have been resolved at the time.

I find it rather childish, unprofessional and disrespectful, to what in many cases, are very successful businesses that deserve to be commended not ‘beaten up’ by a very amateurish site listening to the woes and blows of customers that in many cases complain 3, 4 and 6 months later. Complaining 3-4 months after you stayed somewhere?  Surely if it was that bad you get right down to the job in hand! It seems not.

What is this all about?  Have they had a bad day at the office?  Somebody else has annoyed them? Gone off the person they live with because they have become grumpy, bad tempered and constantly rowing with their loved one? Money is tight and now the credit card bill has come in and their beautiful stay is a distance memory never to return!

As so beautifully put by Nina, we have to deal with pictures that just ‘jumped off the wall’ and smashed on the floor, sinks that have flooded and come through the ceiling because of one too many delicious glasses of champers and I forgot to switch the taps off, red wine infested rooms due to a disagreement between a couple, verbal abuse due to an accident on any one of the main roads in to the New Forest, disappearing cushions from the sofas to use in your car and never to be returned, whole sets of saucepans that you fancied as yours were looking old and used at home, sheets, dressing gowns and T.V. controls that found their way in to suitcases destine for a new life in  Kent, Sussex and Dorset! Rooms having to be removed from sale because people have drunk so much and been sick everywhere, then carpets and mattresses have to be replaced, all at the cost of the owners.  Is this what the world has come to?

To be continued…

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